6 Traits that Make a Great Daycare Franchisee

July 10, 2017

Are you thinking about becoming a daycare franchisee, and opening a child care franchise of your own? There are a few skills that are essential, like having business savvy and a love of children. But what other traits make a great daycare franchisee? Let’s explore six traits that show you’re a great fit to run an early learning centre.

Enthusiasm for Teaching

Do you love helping the next generation learn, grow, and develop? Does seeing a child discover something new for the first time fill you with joy and excitement? When a child learns from an enthusiastic and loving teacher, the child often displays better behaviour, forms more positive relationships, and develops a love of learning that stays with them throughout their lifetime. To play that mentorship role for young children is a priceless experience, but not everyone is a natural teacher. If you have this trait to help children learn, problem solve, and push beyond, you could be a great fit.

Organized and Structured

A daycare with clear plans, organized programs, and daily activities that align with a vision will help your child’s learning be more structured and predictable. While adventure and spontaneity have their place, having a well-defined daily program will help children grow and develop toward a shared goal. Are you able to keep things organized on a day-to-day level, while making sure long-term objectives are met?

Active & Engaged

No child should be wandering around or playing alone. A great daycare franchisee will promote engagement and involvement. You should be comfortable playing with kids on their level, and you need to have the enthusiasm and energy to play, teach, and yes, even deal with a temper tantrum or two!


Children in your care need attention and support. As a daycare franchisee, you are observant and attentive, taking the time to understand the personalities, habits, wants, and needs of each child in your care. This attentiveness makes the kids feel comfortable and at ease.

Creative Environment

Creative activities that children can’t do at home can help your child to experience new things and build new skills. A daycare franchisee that encourages a creative learning environment and thinks outside of the box will be a great fit.

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