5 Funny Things to Expect When You’re Expecting

September 26, 2014

When you are expecting for the first time there are many things you will quickly learn, including some strange and quirky things you might not expect. Here are five funny things to expect when you’re expecting:

Touchy Feely

There is something about a woman’s pregnant belly that seems just about irresistible to everyone. That being said, many people will touch your belly, even people you don’t know that well or even like, and many of those people won’t even think to ask. Strange but true, be prepared for some touchy feely moments with all walks from you gruff boss to a stranger on the elevator.

Maternity Wear Blues

Today’s yummy mummy has so many stylish clothes to wear. No more frills and pink for the modern mom. However, the stylish maternity clothes you once were excited to wear will quickly become uncomfortable. Your tummy is going to grow and even the mom paying close attention to her diet and exercising regularly will eventually start to feel like her gut is about to bust. Just remember it isn’t your fault and that as your body grows it can and will become quite uncomfortable. You’ll be stylish and glowing no matter what you wear!

Overstepping Propriety

Much like anxious hands reaching into your personal space people will also suddenly cast propriety to the wind. Be prepared for people to ask some personal, and uncomfortable questions. People turn crazy and a little dumb when they see a pregnant woman and can blurt out questions such as was it planned, and what you’re hoping for. The excitement of seeing a pregnant woman can be overwhelming, and this unfortunately causes people to lose their social filter. You can laugh it off, answer their question or joke that it is none of their business to bring them back to reality.

Embarrassing Body Changes

During pregnancy many women have stunning hair and a beautiful glow. However there are also some embarrassing body changes that come with pregnancy. From gassy unexpected burps and other oopsies, to breakouts and hemorrhoids be prepared for a myriad of unexpected body changes. Most of these things are experienced by every mom so you are not alone. As your body experiences new developments just remember in the end it’s all worth it.

Remember this is a wonderful time of life and people want to be a part of it and share the experience, burps and all.


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