5 Fun Party Snack Alternatives

November 14, 2014

Holiday entertaining allows you to look for wonderful ways to serve up party snacks with a festive twist. Here are five fun party snack alternatives sure to please kids and adults alike:

Fruit Christmas Tree

Fresh fruit is always a welcome item on any buffet table. Buy a Styrofoam cone from the dollar or craft store and a selection of berries, melon, kiwi, grapes and pineapple from your local grocer. Then cover the cone with foil. Keep berries and grapes whole and cube or slice the rest of the fruit. Affix fruit to the tree with toothpicks and create a melon star for the top of your tree with a small cookie cutter or use a slice of star fruit. You can fill in any space with pomegranate berries to create Christmas balls. Just remember to tell the kids to watch out for the toothpicks!

Peanut Butter and Banana Burritos

This is perfect for a children’s holiday party. Prepare dessert burritos by adding a layer of peanut butter and jam to tortillas. Then add a whole peeled banana and then roll them up. Slice into pretty bite sized pieces. If they seem loose secure with a festive toothpick. For a chocolaty treat substitute chocolate hazelnut spread for the jam and peanut butter.

Hardboiled Snowmen

Another fun item for your buffet, luncheon or breakfast table are hardboiled snowmen. Hard-boil small and extra-large eggs based on your quantities. Allow to cool and then remove the shell. Slice a small part of the top and bottom off each egg and then use a toothpick to secure the small egg (the head) to the top of the larger egg for the body. Use peppercorns for eyes and three buttons on the snowman’s tummy. Peel small carrots and slice a small and large carrot circle for each snowman. Secure a large carrot with a toothpick as the brim of a stovepipe hat and finish with the smaller carrot circle on top. You can also use radish slices.

Caramel Apple Nachos

Thinly slice apple wedges as your “nachos”. Layer with your choice of toppings such as mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, Skor bar chips, craisins, etc. and drizzle with caramel sauce and melted white chocolate.

Magic Wands

Use bamboo skewers to create magic wands. Skewer blueberries to form a handle and then top with a watermelon star created with a cookie cutter.

These five ideas are sure to get kids into the festive spirit and fill tummies with holiday cheer.

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