5 Benefits Of Sending Your Kids To Camp During The Summer

August 9, 2019

Are you thinking about sending your little ones to camp this year, but not sure if it’s worth the investment? We’re here to show you why camp is always a great idea when it comes to keeping kids busy and active during the summer. It also gives them a push to get off the couch, step out of their comfort zone, and make new friends. Here’s more about the benefits of sending your kids to camp during the summer, and why we’re all for it!

Pushes Them Outside Of Their Comfort Zone

Kids aren’t always excited when they learn that they’ll be heading off to summer camp. It can be a little scary and unnerving for them at first when they don’t know what to expect. But this is actually good for them because it forces them to step outside of their comfort zone. And this is when both kids and adults tend to learn more about themselves, how to be more flexible and most importantly, it helps them understand that the world isn’t such a predictable place. As parents, sometimes we can be a bit too accommodating at times for our little ones. But sending your kids to camp during the summer will teach them how to be more independent which is an important life skill to have.

They’ll Make New Friends

Camp is a great place to let your kids get out and meet new friends from all walks of life. They’ll get to share a cabin with other kids and socialize face-to face with others their own age.

Lets Them Learn More About Nature

Summer camp usually gets kids outside to explore the natural environment. They’ll get to swim in the lake, play capture the flag in the forest, learn some practical skills with workshops and day trips. This gives them a rare opportunity to learn and interact with the outdoors, acquire new interests, develop an appreciation for nature, along with a sense of resiliency when they get a little muddy.

They Can Unplug From Technology

Most kids these days are glued to technology for longer than we’d like to admit. It’s a convenient and easy way to keep them busy and entertained so the adults can get some other tasks done. But sadly, because of this, many kids are developing a noticeable addiction to technology right from the get-go, which reduces their attention span, along with their social skills and overall physical and mental health. Camp time forces them to unplug, step away from technology and get back to enjoying real life without so many distractions.

Boosts Confidence

With new skills, new friends, and a newfound sense of adventure, kids get a major boost in their self-confidence following camp time. It’s lets them discover so much more about who they, what they enjoy, and what they’re good at, which is invaluable during those crucial stages of development.

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