5 Amazing Facts About Your Child’s Development 

July 5, 2019

Watching children grow, develop and explore the world around them is one of life’s greatest pleasures for parents. During those early years, there is so much going on regarding your child’s cognitive and physiological development, that it can be hard to even wrap your mind around it at times. To help you get a deeper glimpse into the miraculous beings that they are, here are 5 amazing facts about your child’s development that you probably didn’t know about.


Babies Can Understand You Before They Learn How to Talk

Even as a baby, your little one already is getting to learn so much about you and the world around them. And even before they can say their first word, your child is starting to understand what you’re saying. Usually around their first birthday, babies are capable of comprehending up to 70 different words. So, keep on talking!


Toddlers Have Double the Neural Pathways Compared to Adults

Toddlers can be a handful once they reach the age of two. They’re running around, exploring everything they can get their hands on, throwing tantrums and learning about their boundaries. And interestingly enough, during this stage, your child has over 100 trillion brain connections occurring which is more than they’ll ever have as they continue to grow. That’s why this stage is ideal for teaching them as much as you can while those neural pathways are thriving!


They Understand Individuality as A Preschooler

As a preschooler, your child gradually begins to become more familiar with the concept of individuality. They understand that they are their own person, separate from you and their friends. This is often why at this age bracket they can have a hard time learning to share or play with others.  It’s a good reason why it’s so important to encourage them to play nice and be respectful of others as they continue to learn about their own self.


Toddlers Think You Can’t See When Cover Their Eyes

A fun fact to get a kick out of the next time you play hide and seek is that toddlers think that when they cover their eyes, others can’t see just as they can’t. This happens because their cognitive abilities are still quite limited, and the concept of logic doesn’t come into play just yet. All that they know and understand about life at this point comes solely from their own perspective.


Children Don’t Remember Much Before Their 3rd Birthday

Before their 3rd birthday, your child really won’t remember all that much. So, whether you decided to splurge on a vacation or throw a massive party for their birthday, make sure to keep the camcorder on hand so you can share those memories when they’re older and can look back on those precious moments.


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