Making Gingerbread Cookies 2021

January 11, 2022

The preschoolers over the course of 2 days made their own gingerbread cookies from scratch with the help from their educators 🙂 They were given all of the ingredients and materials and each took turns preparing the ingredients to make the dough the first day.  On the second day, they all took turns rolling the dough out to make it nice and flat for the cookie cutter. They took turns helping the teacher use the gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter.  On the third day, they got to decorate their own cookie using icing and spreading skills and add sprinkles! The children loved this activity and they did such a great job! The cookies were delicious! These are the photos of the preparation and some photos of them being so proud of their own cookie 🙂


The different developmental domains used in this activity are: practicing social skills by preparing as a group and taking turns waiting. Language skills talking to other peers or educators about what they are doing/making/feeling/smelling. They are using their cognitive skills by observing how the different ingredients mixed together created the dough. They are also using their fine and gross motor skills when moving the rolling pin back and forth to smooth out the dough and using their fine motor skills to hold the cookie cutter in place to make the shape!

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Kid rolling cookie dough Kid adding ingredients to the bowl Kid mixing together butter in a bowl Kid putting ingredients into a metal bowl looking happy Kid adding dry ingredients to a bowl Little kid adding cinnamon to a mixture Kid rolling dough on a wood table Kid rolling around dough and flour Child pressing firmly on dough Toddler having fun baking cookies Little kid eating a freshly baked cookie Kid playing with a cookie Kid showing off his cookie Little kid with a pink cookie Kid licking her face after enjoying a bite of her cookie Kid giving a big smile after baking a cookie Kid pouring icing on a cookie

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