Tuff Tray Activities

October 6, 2021

The preschoolers have been using our new tuff tray so much! There are endless activities and materials that can be put/used on the tuff tray for exploration and fun! In these photos the preschoolers are exploring gourds using magnifying glasses to explore the different textures and colours. They are also having sensory play with the feathers and popcorn kernels. They also made a huge dinosaur world using fake grass, stone pieces, rocks, log pieces and dinosaurs. The preschoolers also got to explore a whole dog themed tuff tray with paw patrols, bones, paw prints and dog bowls.

They are using their fine motor skills in all of those activities when using the magnify glasses, sorting the rocks, and feeling the feathers and popcorn kernels. They are using their imagination using all of the materials and during the play. Exploring the dog tuff tray, they were able to use their colour matching skills, naming the paw patrol dogs, and identifying the colours.

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