Invitation to Play: Making Pasta!

September 21, 2021

The preschoolers are ALWAYS talking about food! They get SO excited when the trolley is coming through the door with snack or lunch food. Today, the preschoolers were making their own pasta with this invitation to play activity! The preschoolers are practicing their pouring and scooping skills by using the measuring spoons, spatulas, bowls and plates in different ways.

The preschoolers are using their imagination to “create” the pasta they want to make! Some of the children were carrying the pasta over on a plate or bowl and giving it to their educators! The children had a different variety of pasta’s that they can choose from to create.

This was a great learning activity for the children and skills they can use at home with their parents as well! They are going to be little chefs soon! This activity was very engaging for the children and they had so much fun!

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