Rainbow Loose Parts!

August 20, 2021

The preschool children were given rainbow coloured cups and rainbow coloured rocks.  The activity was set out by the teachers and is completely child-led.  The preschoolers were able to share the cups and set them out if they wanted to sort the rocks into the correct coloured cup.  They are also able to use the cups for stacking and practice balancing and fine motor skills to hold the cups up right.  They are also able to sort the rocks by colours into groups. Another two observation the teachers made was the children could also try and stack the rocks on top of each other.  Also the children can also practicing sorting from the smallest rock to the largest rock.


There are endless possibilities and outcomes with such a simple activity and only a few materials given that the children can explore any way they want! This was so much fun and the teachers were able to make lots of observations for future planning!

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